Monday, April 2, 2012

Passing the Baton: The Baby

Today was a good day. I spent the day alone with my youngest. Dale took the older two to work with him today. I have to say that Liam is very good at being the youngest. Even though he's 20 months old, we all still call him "Baby" and it is very fitting.He loves being babied.

We pretty much did a lot of nothing today. Dale and I spent the day on the phone trying to track down my missing driver's licence, which seems to be the key to us concluding all of the business that we need to wrap up in order to send our car to car heaven. After that was done, I had nothing to do. I cleaned a little bit around the house. Liam "helped." We played with some toys. He peed once in the potty today. We had a tickle fight. We took a nap. Then had anther tickle fight. Then started wondering what we were going to do for dinner. Dale was going to be late tonight, and we were out of groceries. So I packed up my cute little baby and we took a very leisurely stroll to the grocery store. I have got to say that I have taken that walk so many times. But. This. Was. The. Slowest. Walk. Of. All. Time. This was my first attempt at getting out of the house since the accident last Friday. And well, I think I still have a long way to go and a lot of healing to do. Thankfully it was just me and my little one who was loving the leisurely ride in the stroller and we took baby steps all the way to Publix. For those of you who don't know, Publix is a small 1/2 mile walk from my front door. Not far at all. It was nice to get out. I was glad to have a patient companion with me and enjoyed the beautiful day and our quiet walk. It got me to thinking...

I wonder if Liam is going to have a rough time sharing the role of "baby" in our family when #4 gets here. Or I wonder if something is going to change in him where he enjoys having a "baby" of his own. I do know there are times when he gets aggravated with his brother and sister because they do baby him pretty much every second of every day. Every once in a while he begs for independence. I never worried or wondered this with the other two. They were very much ready and willing to pass the baton and become "Big Brother" and "Big Sister." But I don't really know how Liam is going to be.

It breaks my heart a little bit to hold and snuggle him and realize he's not my wee little baby any more. It blows my mind when I realize that he's going to be TWO when this baby gets here. Two seems so old. I think it's going to be a transition for the both of us. Till then, I'll cherish rare days like today where it is just the two of us. It's been a rough road for he and I. We've battled a lot together (many many MANY sleepless nights with this kid). But now that we've gotten past colic and reflux, we have grown to have sweet and peaceful days like today. I find a kindred spirit in him. He's good people.

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